The Five W's

We're the only digital agency you'll ever need. Here's why.

Who are we?

We're Dino Media.
Don't worry, we're not as scary as we sound.

We're an experienced team of digital design experts, development gurus and marketing whizz kids all headed up by our founder and lead developer, Dean Player.


What do we do?

We create websites and mobile apps that are just too good to ignore and we use smart marketing techniques to get them in front of the right people.

The internet is a busy place but we know our way around pretty well. We use our experience and knowledge to get your business in front of prospects using ethical marketing strategies that get you noticed.


Where are we based?

Our office is in Bristol, UK.

However, being a digital design agency, we live our lives online and work with clients around the world.


When did it all begin?

1998 - when double denim was acceptable and Microsoft Edge went by the name of Internet Explorer.

Aside from learning how to dress ourselves in less questionable outfits, twenty-six years of experience has given us the expertise you need to increase the online presence of your business. Whatever industry you're in, wherever you're based, trust us to take you to the next level.


Why choose us?

Because, while how well you present your business online determines its future, you have better things to do than struggle with the complexities of setting up a new website and learning how to market it in the right way.

We're not just armed with the know-how to transform your online presence into profit, we've got the experience to boot and our results speak for themselves.