Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An overview of why you should be adopting SEO in your marketing strategy

  • 25 Jun 2015
  • SEO
Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) provides a much greater return on investment when compared to newspaper ads, television commercials and traditional mail based advertising. Search engines use 'spiders' to automatically scour your website. Actually they scour the html code that makes your website function. As part of the optimisation process this html code typically is made easier for search engines to scour through and index. Better and easier indexing of your website helps achieve better website rankings. Better rankings equates to more targeted traffic And more targeted traffic equates to more leads and sales!

SEO with Google can bring thousands upon thousands of visitors to your website a day. This may put your company in a position of needing to expand to a larger web server to accommodate the traffic and sales to your website. Your customers may recommend you a product or service that they were looking for when they visited your website.

Google sets itself apart from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter by having a heavy emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation. Many search results that belong to Google appear higher on Google's search rankings, just because they are a part of Google's massive network.

Google does great many things for content marketers looking to step up their SEO game. Let's not forget that Google is the world's number one search engine, so the integration of said search engine and their social network makes sense.

A web site having high ranking means more people see the name of the company and become familiar with the company and its products, even if they haven't made a purchase before.

People more than ever like to search for products and services online before they make a buying decision. Website optimisation and getting better Google Rankings is the best and most proven method to gaining increased website visitors and leads.

SEO is a rising field and it is gaining ground. More people are starting to realise that the benefits of SEO are extremely high especially with Google. Search Engine Optimisation with Google, helps bring paying customers to your door step. The customers that SEO brings you are looking for your products/services as they have entered your websites keywords/phrases into the Google search engine. SEO process optimizes your website for specific keywords related to what your business is all about.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the largest and the most visited and responsive websites of the world. Supported by Google SEO, these websites are ranked the highest among all.

As Google says on its philosophy page, 'Focus on the user and all else will follow.' Google wants webmasters to feel the same way - that if you build the best website possible, your good rankings will follow. This isn't the answer that most webmasters want to hear. They want a few simple 'tricks' that will rocket them to the top of the SERPs. But it doesn't work that way. Even if that were possible, twenty sites all employing the same tricks couldn't all fit on the front page of Google.

So, how's your SEO performing?

If you're not satisfied with your current SEO rankings or curious to what improvements can be made, let us guide you with a FREE website review. We'll look at all aspects of your website, as well as SEO to ensure you're not just another statistic buried deep in Googles results.