Boost Productivity With These Brilliant Apps for Small Business

Here's a small selection of apps we find particually useful in business

  • 10 Aug 2015
  • Business, Apps
Boost Productivity With These Brilliant Apps for Small Business

Most small business owners are short on time, and if this includes you, then check out these productivity boosting apps for small business. These savvy tools can help you to stay organised, visible and growing as they play their part in making your business a success:

This 'personal library' app will capture all your ideas, text, images and voice notes no matter where you are. It's an app that has already captured over £1m in investment. Well worth a look if you want to record your outstanding ideas and stay on top of admin.

Google Drive
Not being able to access files on the go becomes a thing of the past with Google's new Drive app. You can edit files from your PC or tablet on your smartphone. You'll also have access to a cloud drive so that you can store your changes to the free 5GB of storage.

This currency app allows you to enter a value and see it immediately converted into any number of currencies. Perfect for working with buyers and sellers from overseas without confusion setting in.

Travelling for work isn't always a walk in the park. Juggling laptop, overnight bags and other devices whilst struggling to stay on top of your itinerary for 3 connecting flights with a rental car isn't fun. The TripIt app keeps your trip arrangements together and easily accessible. Enjoy access to maps, directions and weather.

Expenses can be harder to manage than travel. With Expensify, staying on top of expenses, mileage and receipts through a handy scan and upload feature is far easier.

Asana makes it possible to share information and collaborate with team members. It's easy to use and allows space for personal projects in addition to shared work projects.

We've shared what some of our favourite apps for small businesses with you, what are your favourites?