Why we should all be backing up our files (and websites)

As the saying goes, 'It's better safe than sorry', which is why we employ various methods of backing up ours and our clients data

  • 21 Oct 2016
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Why we should all be backing up our files (and websites)

No matter your type of business, there is a good chance that your computer systems will contain a huge amount of important data relating to your business.

Whether this is databases or files, it is important to ensure that these are all kept safe. But why?

The importance of backing up files

It is rather surprising, given the importance of data to your business, that many companies do not pay enough attention to how their data is stored. In fact, some businesses do not have any plans in place to cover for the chance that original copies of documents are lost.

This is pretty shocking to us here at Dino Media; we understand that data loss can be a huge issue for businesses.

Data loss can come in a variety of ways. One of the most common is when a PC breaks; however, it can also come from theft, fire, floods or something as simple as dropping a coffee or tea onto the computer. Viruses are another threat, especially since a virus can infiltrate your computer hard drive and corrupt or delete those all-important files without you even realising it.

The most common place to store documents is on the PC's hard drive and whilst this is great for everyday accessibility, it might not be ideal if something happened and all those files were lost.

What can you do?

The easiest way to protect your data is to ensure that you have somewhere else to store the files. This is ideally in a completely different location to the originals. Perhaps a cloud based storage option may work for you or even a physical hard drive? The options can vary and you will need to make sure that you find one that works for your business.

How Dino Media back it up!

So, now you know that we take looking after our data seriously here at Dino Media, perhaps you are interested to find out more about how we do this?


This is our offsite solution, so should anything happen to our office (fire or theft), we're safe in the knowledge that all our files are securely safe elsewhere... in the cloud.


Airport Time Capsule

Our office is 100% based on Apple Macs, so we take full advantage of it's in-built backup solution 'Time Machine' to ensure every single machine is automatically backed up.


The best thing of both our backup solutions is that they're fully automatic and we have the peace of mind that all the hard work we do is safe! Both will monitor all our files and work away behind the scenes to backup all files, automatically creating backed up versions should we wish to restore to a previous iteration.

What about websites?

It isn't only our local data that we make moves to keep safe. Our hosting servers are also backed up on a daily basis, taking snapshots of all files and databases meaning all our clients websites are safely stored, no matter what.

In fact, our hosting snapshots saved one of our clients earlier this week. They inadvertently deleted a large amount of data from their website, which we were alerted to by a very nervous and anxious telephone call. We immediately set to work and 30 minutes later, their data was restored and everything back in order! This was the inspiration for writing this post.

Need our help?

Here at Dino Media we have a variety of expertise and knowledge across different aspects of website design, maintenance, development and hosting. If you are a business and think that you may benefit from our help, then please get in touch.