Why use images in your online marketing?

Here we take a look into the use of images for internet marketing and our recommendations for where to find that perfect shot!

  • 16 Nov 2016
  • Advice, Marketing
Why use images in your online marketing?

Did you know that web pages with images acquire 94% more views than those without? As by magic, here's an example to show much prettier a post like this can look...

Marketing magic

Seriously, images are important in marketing. They can catch the eye, pique interest and result in a click - all results that you any discerning marketer wants to secure.

When it comes to ecommerce, images are even more important and can make all the difference between making a sale and a virtual passer-by. Images can be more important than the written description of a product when making a decision on whether to buy.

The power of images doesn't stop there either. Facebook status posts with images gain result in far higher engagement than those that do not.

One of the challenges that greet many online marketers is where to source images from. Here are our top suggestions:


secure the royalty free use of great images for as little as 0.13p per image. Owned by Getty images, there's no reason not to have some truly fantastic photos on your site when you use images from here. Images are purchased through a credit scheme.



The images on here are just as excellent as iStockPhoto but they are usually purchased under the umbrella of a subscription. You will need to subscribe to be a member for a minimum of three months, but with frequent downloads, you'll acquire images at a lower cost than is possible with iStockPhoto.



Dedicated to beautiful vector images and similar to iStockPhoto where image are purchased using credits.



One of the newest photography sites that is offering subscription at an affordable price.


Which one you use depends on budget and what type of images your brand requires. Our recommendation is to try and build your own image library that you can dip into as needed.

Of course, by choosing Dino Media as your digital specialist, we'll help you choose the best images for your needs. Simply get in touch for more information.