A new mouth-watering website

We're all food lovers here at Dino Media, so working on our latest project was delightful. Check out the delicious recipes you can cook like a pro

A new mouth-watering website

Whilst we are pretty awesome at designing websites and apps here at Dino Media, we are not so great at thinking up amazing meals. That is why we were excited to be asked to create the website for A Dorset Kitchen.

A Dorset Kitchen is a collection of recipes that take delicious ingredients that can be sourced in the local area. They then turn them into something mouth-watering. 

They take their inspiration from the amazing range of local produce that can be found throughout the Dorset area. Whether it is fresh and succulent lamb or crab taken straight from the sea.

The site features a vast array of different recipes that have a distinctly Dorset flavour about them. Each one has an easy to follow recipe with an inspirational picture of what your end dish (should hopefully) look like.

Making this website was such a treat for us. Creating something visual and easy to navigate was key. Especially since many people will visit when they want to follow a recipe. The layout of the website was clear, concise and simple to move around.

It features a number of different categories, ideal for you to find your recipe with ease. Whether it is Chicken and Asparagus Stir Fry or Clam Linguine. There are delicious meals that every member of the family will enjoy.

Whilst many of the sites we design and build are for businesses that provide a service or product, we are a creative team at heart. This means that having the chance to let our creative juices flow and create a website that is pretty as well as functional. Well, that just makes us happy, as it did the client!


If you need some help with your website, whether it is a collection of recipes or something for your business, we are here. Get in touch with us today and see if we can give your website a sprinkle of Dino Media and a pinch of amazing design.

We are sure that together we can cook something up that is really tasty. Delivering you a takeaway website that will have your business rising and rising!

Also, don't forget to pay a visit to A Dorset Kitchen and see if you can find your next family meal!