How to utilise the power of website design to engage Millennials and Generation Z

You have a lovely website, but is it working for your and engaging your audience? Here's our simple guide to help awaken your website for the younger audience

  • 30 Apr 2018
  • Web Design, Advice, Marketing
How to utilise the power of website design to engage Millennials and Generation Z

Millennials (born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s) and Gen Z (born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s) can recognise out-of-date websites providing poor user experiences from a mile away. In the dark. With their eyes closed.

As the Internet has been part of their lives for as long as they can remember, they understand exactly what a good website is. The Internet is awash with content and the most tech-savvy generations really value their time. This means they aren't willing to spend time trawling a website because they can just look elsewhere. But you don't want them to do that, so you need to make sure your site gives them everything they're looking for.

Opt for Simplicity

In the words of Avril Lavigne circa 2002, 'why do you have to go and make things so complicated?' The answer is that you don't and so, you shouldn't. If there's something you want to show. Show it. If there's something you want to say. Just say it. There's no reason to over-complicate your approach when all Millennials and Gen Z really want is easy access to readable content that communicates its message clearly.

Mobile Optimisation is Everything

With mobile browsing on the rise generally, this should already be at the top of your digital to-do list but, as it's so important, it's worth saying again. Whatever you do, you must ensure your design is responsive and fully optimised for mobile. Now is the time to do what you've got to do to make sure your digital presence is robust, relevant, and accessible.

Understand their Motivations

Millennials and Gen Z aren't necessarily looking for solutions to their problems. Instead, they're looking for products and services that can empower them to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. As digital natives with information quite literally at their fingertips, they don't want to be saved, they want to be empowered, encouraged, and inspired.

Keep it Quick

Slow-loading websites are a no-go. Having developed extremely efficient digital filters and with an attention span of around 8 seconds, they just don't want to wait around because they know they don't have to.

They've learnt to process information and pass judgement quickly, in part from sifting through open tabs whilst posting instastories, whatsapping their friends, and listening to their favourite podcast all at the same time. You've got a few seconds to make an impact and you can't do that if you leave them staring at a blank page. Don't expect them to wait for you, they probably won't.

The Personal Touch

Particularly responsive to individuality, corporate speak and design aren't going to cut it. Both generations can be a bit fickle, so you have to engage with them in ways that will make an impact and be memorable.

They aren't interested in being talked at by a faceless company and will click away if they feel they're being kept at arm's length. Keep your language inclusive, embrace fluidity and be cool, but not in a 'how do you do fellow kids' meme kind of way. Just don't overthink it, you've got this.

It's time to start forging meaningful connections with some of the most powerful consumers. Give us a shout if you'd like us to help you do this in style.