10 Things Your Business Can Learn From Instagram Influencers

The power of Instagram is huge, so here are some influencer-approved tips to get you started

  • 14 Sep 2018
  • Advice, Marketing, Social Media
10 Things Your Business Can Learn From Instagram Influencers

With more consumers making purchasing decisions based on what they are seeing in their Instagram feed, leveraging this important social platform is unimaginably important.

Content is Everything

You need to be consistently banging out really banging content to stand out. This might feel like an impossible task but it's very achievable with some forward planning. Although there are plenty of apps that can liven up even the most blah of images, mastering the basics of photography will always help in the long run.

It's Impossible to Fake Passion or Authenticity

Audiences always know when there's a hidden agenda. Influencers have built entire careers on the foundations of authenticity and know that mixing up content is crucial. Of course it's OK to promote your products or highlight how brilliant your services are but that shouldn't be all you share. Demonstrate that you're passionate about your brand and your industry because your audience will respond to that authenticity.

It Takes Time

You aren't going to become Instagram-famous overnight. And that's OK. Everything worth doing requires hard work and if you put in the hours, it's still possible to secure a slice of the Instagram success pie for yourself. And oh how good it will taste when you earn your seat at the table!

Seek Connections

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of chasing likes and shares but the real joy comes from forming connections with people you would never otherwise have the opportunity to engage with.

Engagement Counts

Whole communities of people have contributed to the success of every great influencer and the most popular demonstrate their recognition of this by consistently engaging with their audience. Utilise Instagram's interactive features and reply to comments to show your audience that you value their presence. If you don't, they will search elsewhere for the connection they're looking for.

Immerse yourself in your Community

Finding your audience is easily the most rewarding part of the whole Instagram journey. When you find your community, lean in and embrace their support.

Make Smart Choices

If something isn't hitting the mark, own it and try something new. If no one cares about your Friday afternoon office pizza lunches but they do love your office dog, give your audience more of what they want. Also, there's always a way to present content that wasn't appreciated the first time around in a new way that will draw in views and likes. Take it as an opportunity to get creative!

Step Outside your Comfort Zone

It's basically impossible to grow if you're pushing out the same content your audience have seen a million times before. Keep your brand personality at the forefront, but don't be afraid to experiment.

Keep Learning

There are always going to be things you can learn from Instagram experts, your peers, your competition, and your audience. Staying open to this will inform and add value to what you want to do with your platform.

Always be Yourself

That cheesy phrase that everybody else is already taken is so true. You know what makes you different, so show that to your audience!

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