Why Isn't My Website Generating Any Leads?

If you have ever found yourself wondering why your website isn't generating nearly as many leads as you had hoped for, this is the article for you.

  • 27 Sep 2018
  • Web Design, Advice, Marketing, Copywriting, Videos
Why Isn't My Website Generating Any Leads?

Your website is one of your best opportunities to effectively demonstrate why your potential customers should choose your business over those of your competitors. So, let's not dawdle; let's jump straight into some of the most common reasons why your website might not be working hard enough or smart enough to generate enough leads for your business.

You Simply Aren't Sharing Enough Information About Your Business

If you want potential customers to trust you, you've got to tell them about who you are and what you do. You likely already have an 'About Us' page, but we've seen a lot of evidence to suggest that this simply isn't enough.

As well as describing your core values and motivations, everything you say must be expertly tailored to help you to connect with your target audience. Video is an excellent medium for both conveying honesty and building trust, and as your competition probably aren't on the video bandwagon (yet!) this can be the best way to get one step ahead and cement your business in the minds of the very people you want to impress.

If you don't think video is quite the right medium for you, always make sure that you include plenty of photographs of you, your team, and some behind-the-scenes material instead.

Your Content is Lacking

Your audience are smart and if your website contains the same information as every other site within your niche, they will be able to tell and they probably won't be happy about it. Sharing poorly written and less than original content on your most important digital asset is a sure-fire way to drive your audience away.

Literally everything you share should be written in a clearly established style that fully represents what you're about. Prospects are always far more likely to reach out if you provide them with seamless access to the information they're looking for and break down your process into a series of easily understandable steps that will give them the peace of mind that yours is the right business for them. Going above and beyond what your competition is providing should always be your base level.

Your Images are Inadequate

Pictures really can convey a thousand words, but only if they're good. You definitely don't want to upload any blurry or low-res images because the only thing this will convey is that you're a low-quality business. Which you aren't!

If you're set on shooting your own images, getting your hands on the best quality camera (and learning how to use it) should be your first priority. If you're skilled with a smartphone, running your images through some photo editing apps might result in some beautiful images but if you aren't confident in your photography skills, enlist the help of a professional who will know exactly how to present you and your business in the very best light.

Without meaning to leave this post on a bit of a cliff-hanger, there really are an array of other reasons why your website might not be bringing its A-game. So, if you want us to give your digital presence a thorough audit, we're here for you!