How to Survive and Thrive Within the Modern Commerce Landscape

Between increased competition and ever smarter shoppers, the modern commerce landscape is tough. But it's possible to both survive and thrive, and here's how.

  • 15 Nov 2018
  • Web Design, Ecommerce
How to Survive and Thrive Within the Modern Commerce Landscape

If you have ever abandoned your cart during an online shopping errand before reaching the checkout, you're not alone. Many of us do this all the time, and in most instances, either poor eCommerce web design or the absence of a consumer-focused digital strategy is to blame.

In addition to being your digital shopfront, your site also needs to create an immediate positive image of your brand and provide your audience with a genuinely engaging and seamless experience. After all, investing in customer satisfaction will drive sales and encourage loyalty.

Are You Thinking About Your Mobile Audience?

From lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday morning to passing the time on the daily commute, modern shoppers like to make purchases in an array of different locations and situations. Having a website that can cater to these requirements and scenarios is now completely non-negotiable if you want your business to succeed.

Building a responsive site and calling it a day just isn't enough anymore. You need to go above and beyond to design user experiences that are fully optimised for your mobile audience. This isn't a new concept, but you might be surprised at just how many businesses present their mobile audience with a sub-standard commerce experience and simply hope for the best. At a time when even small tweaks can make a significant difference, now is the time to show your mobile audience that you care.

Are You Delivering an Omni-Channel Experience?

Although undoubtedly a bit of a buzzword, there is significant value in implementing an omni-channel strategy. As customers can now engage with businesses in a variety of ways, it is important to ensure that every point of contact your audience might have with your brand, including your website, social channels and email communications, delivers a seamless and cohesive customer experience. Remember, consistency is key!

Obtaining a complete view of your audience will help you to make informed decisions about how to engage their interest and successfully convert them into loyal customers who will go on to make repeat purchases.

Is Your Content Valuable?

Designing and maintaining a successful eCommerce site isn't wholly reliant on your user interface. Content is another important component that can contribute significantly to your core metrics and help to propel your business further towards reaching your core goals and objectives.

There are many examples of businesses that have genuinely innovative websites with all the bells and whistles you could possibly think of, but what they're missing is really great quality content that tells their visitors exactly what they need to know before making an enquiry or a purchase.

Your content should do 4 key things: inspire, educate, entertain and convince. Providing a range of content delivered through a variety of different mediums including copy, images, videos and interactive widgets, quizzes and community forums will help you to do every one of those 4 things well, engaging your audience and satisfying the needs of your customers in the process.

If it's time to rethink or refresh your commerce website and you would like to work through everything from the big picture to the fine details, give us a call!