Taking ESI Technology into the mobile world

How we updated ESI Technology's website to be responsive for mobile and tablet devices

Taking ESI Technology into the mobile world

Modern life keeps us all busy; which means that we often need to surf, communicate and relax on the go. Whilst the internet was only accessible on desktop computers a few years ago; the rise of the mobile phone and changes made to their technology meant that people could access the world wide web no matter where they were.

This has meant that businesses, no matter their industry have had to make changes to their own websites.

Here at Dino Media, we like to think of ourselves as a thoroughly modern company, in fact, we know that in order to achieve the ultimate SEO ranking (not to mention making sure that Google is your friend) then a responsive website is vital.

Enter a client in need

We were more than happy to put our expertise to work with our fantastic clients ESI Technology. ESI Technology are a company that have a worldwide presence and they rely on visitors to their website in order to make their sales.

They came to us asking for help with transforming their existing website into something that was suitable to be viewed on both smartphones and tablets.

Of course, we were more than happy to help them and set to work ensuring that their website was able to be viewed across devices. The key to responsive websites is that they are easy to use and navigate, especially on touch screens. The information presented within them needs to be clear, concise and easy to read and most of all, things need to be easy to find!

The benefits of responsive design

After working our magic, we ran a summary report of the number of visitors and enquiries seen on the ESI Technology website; and guess what? Both have risen since the responsive website was introduced. Not only this but the Google Analytics report also showed that there has been a decrease in bounce rate; something that all businesses should aim for.

ESI Technology were grateful for our help in ensuring that they secure as many customers as possible; and best of all, our expertise and knowledge is suitable to a number of different websites and businesses.


So why not get in touch with us here at Dino Media and see what we can do for you? Do you need some help to set up a glorious mobile app for your business? Or perhaps you want some assistance in making sure that your website is completely and utterly responsive?

No matter what you need, here at Dino Media we are no dinosaurs when it comes to ensuring that you are firmly within the modern world.