It's time to go secure

Leading by example, we've just improved our website security. Here we explain why and what benefits it has for your visitors and search engine (SEO) ratings.

  • 24 Jan 2017
  • Ecommerce, Advice, Security
It's time to go secure

You may have noticed that here at Dino Media we have changed to a SSL certificated website. But why is this? Well as of January 2017, Google and other web browser providers have decided to assess the security of all websites that accept passwords or payments.

Trust is vital in a virtual world. People by their very nature will want to feel more secure when they visit a new website, and the best way to encourage this feeling of trust is with visual indications.

One of these signs come in the form of a small green padlock on the URL bar.

Flagging websites as secure

Google in particular have decided that the time has come to create a safer internet for all users, and this drive has come into force with the release of Chrome 53.

Any websites that do not have a SSL certificate, yet accept payments or ask for a password will be marked as NON SECURE. This means that the visitors can make a decision whether or not they want to continue accessing the website.

What are the chances that these visitors will continue? Many experts think that this is definitely going to put off prospective visitors and increase the bounce back rates that websites see.

A boost to rankings

If it wasn't enough to mark these unsecured websites as such, Google is taking their dedication to security one step further. Those websites that do have a SSL certificate will have the added bonus of a higher ranking in Google. Just to say thanks for caring about their customers.

Make the change

It isn't easy to make the change from http to https, which means it is important for you to plan in when the best time to move over is. You will want to avoid doing it at a time when you will be the busiest, and also when you can give it all your focus.

If you are worried about this move, then why not speak to an expert and ask for their advice? It can prove valuable if you are unsure what to do.

When you think about all of the benefits to your business by having an SSL Certificate for your website, it really does make sense to put one in place. Not only will you reassure visitors that your site is completely safe, but you will also develop a higher level of trust too. Here at Dino Media we are definitely on-board the SSL train and we want to encourage more and more people to follow us. So, if you are not secure, maybe the time has come to get your very own little green padlock.