The Debate: Templates Vs Custom Built Websites

We take look at the pros and cons of using templates vs custom built websites. Let the fight commence!

  • 11 Jun 2018
  • Web Design, Advice
The Debate: Templates Vs Custom Built Websites

You don't need us to tell you that if your business doesn't have a website you're missing a trick. Your website will very quickly become your most prized digital asset and it'll work really, really hard for you, 24/7 every single day of the year.

In fact, if your website were a person, they'd probably get a sizeable annual bonus. An employee of the year award. A promotion. And probably flowers or a cake, or something. You'd really, really value them, let's put it that way.

As well as sending your customer base soaring on a global level, having an online presence ensures your audience - clients, and potential clients - always have somewhere to go for info or to be reminded of your values, vision, and core ethos.

And it goes without saying that this is essential in today's incessantly competitive modern marketplace. Competition? What competition? It's time to shine bright like the diamond that you really are.

OK but how should you go about deciding what type of website will best meet your unique needs?

  1. Go with a website provider that uses templates to build their sites; or
  2. Engage the services of an agency who build every website to personalised specs.

Both options have an array of benefits but here are a few need-to-know deets that we hope will make this particular decision-making process a bit simpler.


If the thought of having a design that's also being used by other companies doesn't faze you, it's worth considering a template. There's nothing to lose by having a browse. Even if you ultimately decide that you want something a bit more unique, you might pick up some design inspiration along the way.

If inimitability is super important to you, have a chat with a design agency whose work you admire. Infusing your brand personality and vision intricately within your site, they'll also hook you up with some A+ content writers who will send your on-site copy stratospheric and hone your brand voice to ensure your online presence is distinctively yours.


If money concerns are stopping you from following your dream and getting your business off the ground, going with a templated website might make everything that bit more attainable.

Anything custom made will always require a slightly larger investment than something off the shelf, but that's not to say that a custom design is completely out of your reach. There's no harm in reaching out to an agency (make sure they're reputable!) and asking a few questions.


If you're keen to learn a few new skills and have some serious hands-on involvement with your website design, downloading a template and customising it yourself could be just the project for you. If you do run into any issues though, you've got to feel confident enough to fully iron out anything that might negatively impact your site's performance.

Alternatively, design agencies are bursting at the seams with talented souls who know exactly how to build brilliant websites. As well as working to your budget and keeping you updated throughout, post-launch they'll become a trusted source of advice. After all, it's their job to ensure that your business gets the absolute most out of your investment.

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