A brief guide to creating conversion-friendly webpages

It's pointless having a pretty website, if it doesn't convert visitors to leads or cusomers. Here's a guide and some tips on getting that killer converting website

  • 23 Jul 2018
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A brief guide to creating conversion-friendly webpages

The path to conversion is complex. If catch-all pages designed to appeal to everyone and their dog are fundamentally flawed (which, frankly, they are) and if there isn't a single approach guaranteed to deliver results which (spoiler alert: there isn't), how do you determine how to construct a conversion-friendly webpage? Let's take a look.

Designing for your Demographic

Although this might sound blindingly obvious, you might be surprised at just how many businesses fail to fundamentally understand their core demographic. Striving to connect with a very specific audience will help you to ensure that visitors to your site are immediately more likely to be interested in what you have to say, which will ultimately result in more valuable conversions.

Understanding your demographic will help you to make an array of key decisions and should go far beyond age, gender identity and location. Remember the chatroom days of yesteryear where every conversation opened with A/S/L? Hello blast from the past! Well, we knew even then that obtaining those three pieces of information rarely resulted in the beginning of a great conversation, so make sure that you properly utilise every analytics tool available to you.

The more insight you have into your audience, the more effectively you will be able to tailor your webpage.

Figuring Out Precisely What Your Audience Wants

Sometimes it can be tricky enough figuring out what you want to eat for lunch, so attempting to decipher what your audience wants can feel impossible. But not only is it not impossible, it's super important to the ultimate success or failure of your webpage.

The harsh reality is that most of your visitors won't want to purchase your products or invest in your services as soon as they arrive, regardless as to how deeply you want this to be the case. If they do, great! But it's always best to assume that your visitors aren't going to convert. We know this sounds a bit pessimistic but it's impossible to provide something to someone if they genuinely don't want it.

Also, adopting this mentality is key to the development of an effective conversion-friendly webpage. How? Well, understanding exactly what your visitors want and figuring out how to take full advantage of those wants is the first step to securing valuable conversions. Utilise audience data, adjust your content and call to action (CTA) to appeal to the unique desires of your audience. Complex? A bit. Worth it? Absolutely!

The Fable of the Fold

There was once a time when the mantra of every web designer was to keep every piece of important content above the fold at all costs. Is this still relevant? Not really. The popularity of smartphones and the prevalence of mobile web browsing has made us all much more comfortable with the idea of scrolling, so although it makes sense to place the most important bits of information at the top of the page, time spent figuring out how to fit everything about the fold is essentially wasted.

We don't mean to be mysterious (well, alright, maybe we sort of do) but we've got a bunch of other tips and insights we'd love to share. So, if you'd like to have a chat about fully optimising your site to secure more of those ultra-valuable conversions, give us a call!