The Low-Down on How and Why Custom Websites Provide More Control Over your Digital Presence

Want to know exactly what it means to have full control over your digital presence? Well, keep reading!

  • 11 Oct 2018
  • Web Design, CMS
The Low-Down on How and Why Custom Websites Provide More Control Over your Digital Presence

Most websites today are sustained by a content management system (CMS) which provides businesses with real-time access to their most important digital asset. This unrestricted, instant access ensures that updates can be made easily, efficiently and with little to no stress or frustration. Sounds great, right?!

It's completely normal, as a new business, to be missing the intricate knowledge required to develop an effective digital presence in-house, which is precisely where custom-built websites come into play.

Designing, developing and maintaining websites is a complex process, with pitfalls at every turn. You might, for example, find yourself particularly drawn to WordPress as a platform. And if you're thinking "hey - that's me!" you're not alone. It's a popular platform that outwardly provides an affordable and easy route to a shiny new website. It is crucial, however, to consider whether a platform like WordPress will give you enough control in the future. What will you do if you discover that you can't make the design alterations you need to make in six months' time?

We know there's a lot of think about, so let's dive a little deeper into precisely why a custom-built website should be part of the future of your business.

Hello Control

We harp on about control a lot but this is because it's important. As well as providing flexibility, custom-built sites can also be built from the ground up with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. This is so important because as well as containing valuable and engaging content for your audience, your website should also be fully optimised to allow search engines to easily crawl and accurately categorise your content within search engine results pages (SERPs).

As your custom site would be completely independent from platforms outside your control, you will have the ability to fully regulate your site's security and develop a unique aesthetic that comprehensively reflects your brand's personality. And we think this makes complete business sense, for both the short and the long term.

Device Diversity

As your audience will almost certainly want to browse your site using a variety of different devices, ensuring that you are providing the best user experience for everyone is crucial. It's all very well developing a beautiful website that offers a fully intuitive experience to desktop users but if your mobile site is completely inadequate you will be missing out on the opportunity to connect with a large section of your target audience. And it goes without saying that this is a very bad move!

Avoid Tricky Templates

When they work, templates are great. The problem is that they often don't, and they will rarely have enough flexibility to grow with you. And as your business is certainly going to grow (we believe in you!), this will become an issue sooner rather than later. We know that you want your website to work hard for your business, but for it to drive the results you really want to see, you've got to give it the best chance to succeed.

We hope that we've convinced you to explore your custom-website options. And if we're right, give us a call. It's true, we're here for you as we were for the following clients - all built as a custom-website...