Creating Stand-Out Content in the Noisy Age of Social Media

Standing out online can be easier said than done, but we've got your back with these 3 strategies that are primed to send your digital content stratospheric.

  • 9 Oct 2018
  • Social Media, Copywriting
Creating Stand-Out Content in the Noisy Age of Social Media

If you aren't leveraging the power of social media for your business in the fast-paced, modern digital environment we all find ourselves within, you're already missing out on some seriously powerful marketing and advertising strategies that can mark the difference between mediocrity and success.

So, how can you make the most of your social media presence and market your content to appeal to the right people? Let's take a closer look at a few of our favourite foolproof strategies.

Creating Cohesion with Every Post

The key to promoting your brand and your content online is complete cohesion. Everything from your imagery to your copy should embody your brand values and ethos. Additionally, as your audience will want to know what they can expect if they choose to hit the follow button on your social media platforms, establishing (and maintaining!) a clear, distinctive and memorable brand voice is quite literally everything.

Equally, you should aim to embrace an element of spontaneity and showcase just enough intrigue to entice your audience to actually want to engage with your content. A coherent brand identity is so powerful precisely because it is so immediately recognisable and can instantly deliver a refined brand message to a target audience. Your social channels give you the chance to shine as the star of your very own show, don't squander it!

Shaping your Content Specifically for your Social Audience

The beauty of social media is that it is easily one of the most powerful sharing tools brands have at their fingertips. As well as providing businesses with the opportunity to secure a more expansive reach than ever before, showcasing your brand narrative has also never been more interactive or multifaceted. From video content to immediately engage through to creative photographs that offer a captivating glimpse behind the scenes of your brand, social media provides you with a range of ways to ensure that all eyes are on your brand online.

Figuring out what resonates with your target audience on each platform is critical, and creating immediately engaging, enticingly shareable content will help you to develop a social strategy that sends your message both far and wide, with a single click or tap.

Remember, Simplicity Sings

As your audience will be scrolling through their social media feeds in short bursts, you need to prioritise sharing strikingly simplistic content (at just the right time!) that will capture attention and stand out from the crowd.

Clean, sharp lines or bold colourful imagery are styles that are particularly effective in encouraging clicks, but reflecting your unique brand identity is paramount. Social audiences often scroll straight past large paragraphs of text, so creatively condensing your core message and call-to-action into a few words will help you to ensure that your brand is the one that lingers in the minds of your ideal audience.

Social media and content delivery is kind of our thing, so if you're eager to tap into the true potential of your social strategy, we're ready to chat.