Why good font matters for your branding and website

The horror of Papyrus and Comic Sans fonts!

  • 23 Oct 2017
  • Web Design, Branding, Advice
Why good font matters for your branding and website

Here at Dino Media we love to unwind by watching a good TV show. One recent segment that we were lucky to see was a Saturday Night Live piece that featured the Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling. The video was all about the lazy approach of the graphic designer who created the Papyrus font and that got us thinking.

The sad fact about website and graphic design is that there are plenty of businesses out there are a little more on the lazy side. They don't put their heart and soul into the designs that they create, and this is reflected on the quality that they produce.

You can be sure that if you choose Dino Media that this isn't the case. We are far from lazy, in fact, you could say that we are hyper when it comes to design. We are like a dog with a bone, we want to get the right results for you, to make sure that you website in particular looks perfect.

This is why we have put together why you need to ensure that you use the right font for your branding and website.

It needs to be readable

You might like the idea of having a fancy font on your website, one that is all loops and scrolls. However, whilst it may look lovely, it might not be easy to read for your customers, and if your customers can't read the text, how will they know what you want to say?

Don't be afraid to try out two different fonts

Sometimes the best way to create the look you are after is to use two different fonts. This creates some kind of font hierarchy and will direct the reader to the highlights of your page, with bolder fonts and then the further information with slightly more subtle fonts.

Pick the right size

If you have a lot of information that you need to get on your website, then there is a good chance that you will try and use a smaller font to squeeze more into the space. This may seem like a sensible choice, but could actually have a negative effect. Instead, you need to aim for around the 45 characters per line mark. This will ensure that you have enough text and that it is not crowded.

Have enough space

Following on from font size, you also don't want to crowd your website page. A busy page with lots of text is never going to appeal to someone who wants to quickly find out more about you. Don't forget, if they want to learn more about you, then they can always get in touch. Or you can use a blog post or article to go more in depth!

So, there you go. Don't trust your website and branding to a lazy designer! Come to Dino Media and be given the most amazing design for your business, and best of all. We promise no Comic Sans!